Michael And Jerry

Two good ol' country boys out of town working a construction job share a motel for a few days, and share each other. There's nothing better than getting away from the old lady for a while and getting it on with your best bud.

Bill And Barry

Barry introduced me to Bill, thinking he was just a running buddy and nothing more. In conversation, however, both said they would be willing to do a buddy session, and both were surprised that the other wanted to do it with each other. Friendship can often lead to more. You never know.


  • This pretty thing (?) bugged the shit out of me to do this shoot, so just to stop him from calling, I obliged. Way too queenie for this site, maybe he'll push somebody's buttons. Not mine.
    Ron 07:53
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  • Ultra-straight little street urchin of obvious Irish descent, he makes it known that he's the man. Don't mess with no one but women, and don't wanna be messed with. Jacked off just because he needed the money and for no other reason, and he wanted more money because he shot a huge load. Poor little clueless Neaderthalithic heterosexual!
    Stewart 07:28
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  • Met this dude about 10 years ago and always thought he was very sexy. He recently responded to my ad again, and despite living with his ex-wife, seems to have acquired a taste for getting fucked. Hopefully I can get him in action soon. 43 y/o, 6', 160#, he's a rugged, redneck construction worker.
    Scott ###
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  • This hairy, hunky, sexy little devil is another one of those who let his life get away from him. Terrific guy and the kind I'd love to curl up with every night - alcohol and drugs had just about destroyed him when we did this shoot. I hope he's gotten it together by now - he has a lot to offer.
    Tim 07:58
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  • Great guy. He's a married maintenance supervisor, father of 2, who loves to get out now and then and play - especially frequenting local glory holes. 43 y/o, 5'10 and 180 #, he says he loves to jack his cock in front of an audience. OK with me.
    Robert 07:22
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  • A really nice guy with a handsome face, struggling with his identity. Cancelled this shoot numerous times before showing up, then confessed to having bisexual tendencies and feelings of guilt. Hope he can find peace
    Rusty 07:18
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  • Very sexy man, but with a few problems. He wants to open a legal whorehouse in Atlanta, like to ones in Las Vegas (how can you do that when it Illegal???), and he also has a few plumbing problems. But he's a nice guy and very willing to show off for you. Enjoy him for himself.
    Troy 07:43
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  • 6'', 165# of beautiful trouble. He responded to my ad, but I had to meet him on the street, He's in a substance abuse program and is probably, from his demeanor, out of prison for some awful crime. VERY straight (he told me he wouldn't kiss his ex-wife after she gave him head because he didn't want to taste his cum), he still knows he's got what we want and loves to show it off.
    Steve 07:62
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  • A perfect compliment to his buddy, Troy. He's a cabinet maker from north Georgia, and although married with kids, gets most of his pleasure from Troy. He's 45 y/o, 5' 8, 140#, and is very sexual. He says he's very honest and energetic. Great guys.
    Tim 06:50
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